Ultimate Fit Golf is a personalized Professional Golf Club fitting business recognized by Golf Digest as a Top 100 Club Fitter 2017-2018. Ultimate Fit Golf builds personalized Custom Golf Clubs to fit the individual player not the so called average person. Each club is built to fit the players individual swing characteristics. Each set is built to fit the individual player and what clubs fit best in the set. Some players my need more fairway woods, some players more hybrids, some players long irons and some players lowest number iron may be a 6 iron. Every player is different in their fitting specs and that is why we feel personal fitted clubs are so important to each golfer to play their best and enjoy the game more. All fittings are done one on one with a certified professional clubfitter.

Professional Custom Fit Golf Clubs can help every level of golfer from the very beginner to the very best that play on the PGA and LPGA Tours. If you think that the professional players you watch on television play the same golf clubs that you can buy at the retail or big box golf stores, well guess again. Every professional golfer has their golf clubs custom fit to them and their golf swing.

Ultimate Fit Golf only uses high quality components from some of the best golf clubhead designers, shaft manufacturers and golf grip companies. Our fitting process utilizes some of the best equipment in the golf industry for fitting.

We offer Mizuno, Srixon/Cleveland, Wishon, Tour Edge/Exotics, Alpha, Taylormade, New Level, Swing Science golf clubs also SeeMore, Evnroll and Mizuno putters in our professional custom fit line of golf clubs. We believe that these companies have some of the best club heads and putters made by any company in the golf industry. We use only some of the best quality components to do a complete custom fitting that we can fit to all specifications of the golf club.

If you are not sure about Custom Fit Golf Clubs go to a driving range and take a look at the people hitting golf balls. How many people do you see with the same swing, are the same height and weight, have the same arm length. Do they all hit the ball the same distance? There are as many different golf swings as there are golfers. That is why you should get a golf club fit to you and your personal swing.

Please take a look at our website and if you are interested in hitting the golf ball with better contact, being more accurate, gaining more distance and having more fun on the golf course. If these things interest you, Contact Ultimate Fit Golf and we will do everything we know to help you enjoy the game of golf more by getting you the best fit in golf clubs for your personal golf swing and lower your scores.


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