We take Club Fitting to the next level compared to the retail and big box golf stores. Most golf stores fit to the mass produced club company boxed sets of irons and whatever is offered for the hybrid, fairway woods and drivers. Ultimate Fit Golf addresses 13 key clubfitting specifications of the golf club. All 14 clubs in your bag are fit to your golf swing using these 13 specs. All 14 clubs are made one at a time by one person to make sure they all match these 13 specs. Most of the off-the-rack clubs are built in the assembly line method with a different person building each one of the 14 clubs. Ultimate Fit Golf’s goal is to take all the inconsistency out of your game. If you have missed your target, it should be from your swing, not your clubs. Once again Consistency is our goal and what we all would like in our game. Having one person fitting you and building your entire set, having a very tight set of tolerances and paying attention to the details will provide a set of clubs that offer the most consistency. All clubs built by Ultimate Fit Golf are  MOI (moment of inertia) matched to the players test club (Driver, FW woods, Hybrids, Irons and Wedges) unless customer wants then built differently. 

13 specifications of golf clubs will be addressed in every set that Ultimate Fit Golf fits and builds

  • Loft Angle: Each iron loft is adjusted to provide distance spacing between clubs. Drivers are fitted to the best launch angle for each golfer
  • Lie Angle: Measured during the fitting and adjusted for the individual
  • Face Angle: For drivers will be determined during fitting ball fight
  • Length: Measurement and swing tendencies for proper posture
  • Grip size: Measure hand and try different size grips for feel (customers preference)
  • Total weight: Based on launch monitor results comparing the different weights of shafts and heads
  • Swing weight / MOI: Based on final test club used for best fit
  • Shaft Flex: Based on swing speed, swing tempo and release (flex is based on frequency not letter on the shaft)
  • Shaft weight: Based on launch monitor data with players swing speed and tempo
  • Shaft bend profile: Based on ball flight with best launch angle and other factors to distance and consistency
  • Shaft torque: Players swing speed, shaft loading with control and feel
  • Head weight: Based on impact of ball on face of club and consistency
  • Set makeup: Players need for distance spacing, type of courses normal playing conditions. (example hybrids or long irons)

Once the fitting is completed it is critical to make sure that each club is built to the exact specs from the fitting session. Each club is measured for precise frequency to achieve the proper stiffness and bend profile most suited to the players needs. Frequency is built to the proper slope for the set and player.

Each component of the club is weighed and documented (Blue Printed) when clubs are being built as to duplicate the club if lost or broken. Each shaft is profiled, spine and flo’d (Flat Line Oscillation) for consistency. FLO means the natural bending pattern of the shaft is working in the same direction as the swing, rather than against it. This process does not happen in mass produced (off the rack) clubs.


Since Ultimate Fit Golf is a single person fitting studio it is different to most fitting centers. At Ultimate Fit Golf the person that fits you to your personalized clubs is the same person who builds your clubs also. Your fitting specs for your clubs being built are not sent to someone you have never met or understands your needs from your personalized fitting.  With over 20 years of club building and fitting experience you can be assured that Ultimate Fit Golf really cares that you get the clubs that help you hit the ball better and lower your score.


When Major manufacturer clubs are purchased from Ultimate Fit Golf there are 3 ways to purchase the clubs. 1) Clubs ordered straight from the factory with the specs from the test club for the set hoping they build them properly. 2) Clubs ordered from the factory with the specs from the test club for the set and when the clubs arrive the clubs are checked and adjusted for proper weight, loft and lie as per the test club from the fitting session. (slight charge for this service) 3) Clubs ordered from the factory with shafts uncut and grips in the box and when clubs arrive shafts are removed and clubs built to specific spec from the fitting, shafts are spine and flo’d, clubs are MOI matched and assembled and blueprinted by Ultimate Fit Golf to exact measurements from the fitting. (there is a slight upcharge for this service to major manufacturer golf clubs)


The note below was in the November 2009 Golf Digest magazine. ASK TIGER — Golf Digest, Nov’ 09, p. 280. Q. What is the best tip you would give to a beginner? (Anne Patterson, Boulder, CO) A. "Find clubs that fit you. It will save you a ton of aggravation from the start. Make sure they aren’t too short, long or heavy. Otherwise, you’ll adapt your swing to the equipment in a way that might not be technically sound. It’s easy to get fit, and it really does matter." Probably cannot say this any better than this.


Iron Fitting is conducted with either 6 or 7 irons to get the best fit. If hybrids are recommended they will be fit at the same time. Driver, FW woods are fit separately.

Ultimate Fit Golf uses stock shafts from OEM manufacturers and also aftermarket shafts of all different quality and price range.

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