Welcome to Ultimate Fit Golf information page. We provide Professional Custom Fit Golf Clubs, Repairs and Fittings. Our goal is to provide the best in Club Fitting, Clubmaking, Repairs and Customer service. Because of our high quality standards our fittings are among the best in the business. Our goal is to deliver the Best Fit Golf Club to our valued customers. We want our customers to be happy with our product and services.

DRIVER FITTING price $90 per hour

Fitting consists of FlightScope Launch Monitor Session, Player interview to identify goals, Evaluation of current driver. Will fit for best Loft Driver for customers swing, Length, Shaft, Launch angle, Ball speed, Ball spin and grip size. Approximately 1 to 2 hours

IRON FITTING price $90 per hour

Fitting consists of FlightScope Launch monitor Session, Player interview to identify goals, evaluation of current clubs. Will fit for best Head, Length, Loft and Lie angles, Shaft flex and weight, Grip size and set make-up. Approximately 2 hours

WEDGE FITTING price $75 per hour

Session includes Loft and Lie, Length, Grip size, Gaping of yardage and suggestion on bounce

PUTTER FITTING price $75 per hour

Session consists if Alignment, Length, Loft and Lie, Grip size and backweighting. Weights not included in price.


Reshafting prices vary due to different types and brand of clubs. Average price is approximately $35 per club for drivers, fairway woods and hybrids with grip install. Heads with bore-thru shafts are slightly higher. This does not include the price of the grip, shaft or hosel adaptor due to the difference in grip, shaft and hosel adaptor pricing it is difficult to quote prices.


Club repairs are done in a timely manner mostly overnight. Regripping is done as soon as possible if grips are available. We do not stock all grips but most can be obtained in a timely manner.


Brent Snyder — PGA Director of Golf Instruction at Troy Burne Golf Club

Jeff Sorenson – PGA Teaching Professional at The Minikahda Club

jsorenson@theminikahdaclub.com      763-229-6443

Jon Reigstad – PGA Teaching Professional at Keller Golf Course

kellerteachingpro@gmail.com               651-335-2510


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