"I've been bringing all of my golf equipment to Joe Moravick for the last seven years. I wouldn't trust any other person with my golf clubs as Joe brings an attention to detail and provides a service that is second to none. I know that all of my clubs fit me properly in all facets, thus providing me with total confidence in any situation I face on the golf course. His passion for golf and dedication to help people improve their games truly shows through his work. He will improve your golf, just as he's done for me."

Peter Croonquist, Minneapolis – St Paul, MN


"I feel Joe is at the top of the club fitting industry. His professionalism and honesty is without equal. When you are fitted by Joe expect a workout. You will hit a lot of balls. This is because you are being fitted by the best. Joe is a perfectionist and will cover every possible detail to build you the best fitting clubs available. If you care about your game and want to maximize your potential, Joe can work wonders. You will gain distance with your driver, and your ball flight will improve. He did it for me. I have been playing golf for 50 years and sincerely never achieved this much ball flight improvement until I started playing clubs Joe built for me. I saw Joe's fitting process improve several players ball striking and ball flight. He is the only clubfitter that is allowed to touch or work on my clubs."

Greg Lundgren, St Paul, MN / Tucson, AZ


"Joe Moravick at Ultimate Fit Golf has fit dozens clubs for me over the past 8 years. The quality and consistency of his work rivals that of what PGA Tour players receive. Mr. Moravick is the only person I will let adjust my clubs, because he is knowledgeable and very skilled. His fitting techniques incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to fit any golfer like a tour pro. Using his products, I have improved my game and been able to compete at a higher level. I have recommended Joe to several of my teammates and competitors. If you want to improve your golf game, lower your scores, or learn more about golf equipment, Mr. Moravick is the best, hands down."

Yarri Bryn – University of Northern Iowa Panthers NCAA Men's Golf (Class of 2013)


"I had the very distinct pleasure of working with Joe Moravick on fitting on my complete set of golf clubs. As an avid golfer, the fitting process from Joe was very informative, educational and most importantly successful. Joe took the time to make sure I was completely satisfied with result of my fitting. My ball flight in more consistent and I’ve gained distance due to the work Joe did with me on both my irons and woods. If you want to take your game to the next level, proper fitting is a key component and Joe Moravick’s professionalism and expertise will give you results you are looking for."

Dave Stoviak, Minneapolis, MN


"A fitting with Joe Moravick is an amazing experience. Since I first had him build me a club ten years ago, the technology at his operation has continued to improve, and I have continued to return. Now every club I own has been built by Joe especially for me. During the fitting, Joe will have you try the same club with different shafts and you will be able to see the results immediately. In addition to the technology he uses, I am impressed with the comprehensive knowledge of golf and golf equipment Joe has acquired. I would and do recommend Joe to many people because he is honest, professional, and backs his work. A friend of mine who got a driver fit and built by Joe mentioned that he was having trouble with it. I told him to go back to Joe and he’ll fix it. Joe fixed it to the tune of a 20 -25 yard distance improvement. At 6’ 6” tall and 280 pounds, I need a lot of stuff custom fit, but in golf everybody should have their clubs fit for their body and their swing. Custom fitting is the hottest topic in golf and Joe is the man to see."

Chuck Blohm, Minneapolis, MN


"Any golfer that wants to improve their game by upgrading their set, needs to see Joe Moravick at Ultimate Fit Golf. Joe takes his profession very seriously and truly cares about getting the right fit for his customers. His fitting process is thorough and he leaves no stone unturned. I put my complete trust in Joe's expertise and the results speak for themselves. I carry Joe's cards with me and frequently recommend that my playing partners should visit Joe. Too often, my golfing partners believe the propaganda they read and hear about equipment and never take advantage of knowing the truth. Go see Joe, he will give you the truth and you will be glad you did."

Peter Thaldorf, Minneapolis, MN


"Now that some time has passed and I have had a chance to play with them under different conditions, winds, etc. I must say that I am believer in what you do – I have noticed a marked improvement in terms of consistency of ball flight and direction – dispersion has gotten much tighter with every club. I hope you keep doing this for a long time because you will be my man (and my sons when they get going in the game hopefully in the next couple years).

Although my goal was not too gain any distance (was focused on better control) I have seen about 5 yards more an iron than what was average before so of course I am not complaining about that little bonus either.

I will reach out again and we can tinker with some new clubs when that day comes but just wanted to write and thank you again – I will be happy to refer anyone who has any club needs to you."

Ben Schoff


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